What are the costs involved in signing a mortgage in Spain?

The costs involved in signing your Spanish mortgage include:


  • Set up costs – this fee will vary depending on the bank that offers the finance. It can range between 0% to 2.5% depending on the mortgage amount, bank, and whether you are a resident or not.


  • Valuation cost – generally the banks do not cover the valuation of the property. This cost will depend on the property value and will normally be around 400€. In case of high value properties, the cost can go up significantly.


  • Combined product costs – banks can offer discounted mortgage rates when you also take on some other products like property insurance, life insurance, credit cards, etc. These can come with an extra cost, but it tends to be worthy when you get a better interest rate on your mortgage.


  • Broker’s fees – We as brokers charge an administration fee to start the application process. Depending on the bank that finances your purchase, we may need to charge an additional fee. This will be advised early in the process. 


Due to a change in the mortgage laws in 2018, banks are not allowed to charge their clients for any notary fees, registrar, taxes, or any other costs related to the mortgage signing other than the above.

If you wish to have a full estimation of your purchase and mortgage costs, please contact us and one of our mortgage advisors will send you a personal mortgage calculation.

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