Resident Mortgages

Living and working in Spain? In this case banks will tend to finance 80% of your purchase, but in some cases we can manage to get 90% or even higher. 

If you are working in Spain, and being taxed here, you are eligible for a resident mortgage. This generally covers 80% of the property value, but can sometimes cover up to 90% or even more, depending on your specific situation, property price, valuation…

Although many banks offer resident mortgages, we can do the hard work for you in finding the right one for you!

Mortgages in Spain

Whether or not you are considered a resident in Spain depends entirely on where you pay your taxes, not your nationality or even “residencia” status. If you pay your taxes in Spain and your income is coming in euros, then you are a tax resident.

For Spanish resident mortgages, you can expect to borrow up to 80% of the purchase price of the property. Mortgage terms extend up to 30 years, considering the applicant would have repaid the mortgage by the age of 75.

Why work with Hipoteken to
Get a resident mortgage?

Once you are a Spanish tax resident, your options to get a mortgage multiply as more banks will offer this product. Still, a mortgage process is never simple, and mortgage terms change considerably from bank to bank.

Wouldn’t you feel more confident viewing properties when you know a mortgage expert has got your case in hand and a mortgage in principle ready to go? This is our target! 

With Hipoteken you will:

  • Work with a registered mortgage broker, so you get all guarantees of working with qualified agents who will make sure the conditions of your mortgage are fair.
  • Increase your chances of getting a mortgage, as we will submit your application to several banks at the same time.
  • Increase your chances of getting a good mortgage deal, as we will always get banks to offer their best rate possible.

Redisent Mortgage

With our resident mortgage calculator, you can estimate how much you could ask for as a mortgage and the resulting monthly repayments.  For a full personal simulation, please contact us!

How do
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This how we recommend we start together with your mortgage process:


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What are the keys in selecting a mortgage?

1 Loan to value (LTV%)This is the % of your purchase price the bank is ready to finance you.

2 Type of mortgage – Is the interest rate fixed or variable?
3 Interest rate (i%)  How much is the bank charging you for your loan.
4 Set up cost – How much are the set up costs of the mortgage?
5 Combined sale products – Do you have to take bank’s products together with the mortgage? Is their cost reasonable? Do I need them?

Some of the mortgages we can offer depending on your purchase…

Resale mortgages
New Build mortgages
Self Build mortgages
Resale with refurb mortgages
Inverse mortgages

Leave your mortgage application to us, we will take care of it all and make sure we try all possible options to get you the mortgage you need!

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