Benefits of a Mortgage broker in Spain

Six benefits of a broker that make them invaluable!

Not convinced you need a mortgage broker to secure finance for your property purchase in Spain? Before you pick up the phone to a Spanish bank or stroll into a branch somewhere, consider these reasons to contact Hipoteken instead. Fully independent and registered by the Bank of Spain to provide mortgages, you might be surprised just how beneficial our service could be to you.

1. Local bi-lingual expertise

Why attempt to navigate the complexities of the Spanish mortgage market yourself when you’re not an expert in it? You may be familiar with how things are done in your home country, but things happen differently here, not least in a different language! So take advantage of the professional guidance offered by our team. We speak English, German, Swiss-German and Spanish fluently and have excellent on-the-ground knowledge. We will soon be adding new languages to our team, but we are already used to dealing with client’s documents in many other languages. We’re only ever a phone call or email away.

2. Choice of products

We have relationships with a diverse selection of Spanish banks, enabling us to cherry pick the best mortgage products across the whole market. Whether you’re about to become a holiday homeowner or resident and whatever your economic profile, we should have a lender and product that match your requirements. Why choose to speak to different banks individually when we’ve already done all the hard work for you?

3. Exclusivity

Not only is our choice of products extensive, but many of the banks we work with offer us exclusive deals to pass on to our clients. We are able to do this thanks to the personal relationships we have with them, something you won’t get by walking into one of their branches or contacting them on-line.

4. Application process

Getting your application right from the outset is key to securing the right mortgage. We’ll take this in hand, complete all the relevant paperwork and match your economic profile with the most responsive lenders. We won’t submit your application unless we’re confident you’ll get an approval. Crucially, we’ll secure you an agreement in principle (AIP) as soon as possible, allowing you make a start on your property search.

5. Negotiate on your behalf

The mortgage products offered by Spanish lenders often come with flexibility. Typically, discounts on your headline rate can be agreed if you take on other products through the same lender, such as life insurance, funeral coverage or a credit card. Tell us what you want and leave the rest to us – we’ll do the negotiating for you.

6. Extra layer of reassurance

We specialise in providing clients with mortgages but that doesn’t mean our service stops there. We work alongside estate agents, lawyers and notaries on a daily basis to ensure each client’s property purchase completes smoothly. We know the process inside out and will happily answer questions about any aspect of your purchase, not just mortgages. We want your overall experience of buying in Spain to be a happy one.

Leave your mortgage application to us, we will take care of it all and make sure we try all possible options to get you the mortgage you need!

Überlassen Sie uns Ihren Hypothekenantrag, wir kümmern uns um alles und stellen sicher, dass wir alle möglichen Optionen ausprobieren, um Ihnen die Hypothek zu besorgen, die Sie brauchen!​

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