What is Loan to Value (LTV)?

Loan to value is the percentage of the property price the banks will be willing to finance.  This percentage applies only to the purchase price and it does not consider other costs, such as taxes or notary fees.


This percentage will be set by the banks on your application, and this will be the maximum amount they finance of your property purchase. It is important to mention that the reference price the bank will base on the percentage of LTV, will be the lowest between the valuation and purchase price. 


For example, you are buying a €200,000 property and the valuation of the property is equal to this amount or higher. If the bank gave you 70% LTV, the mortgage amount would be €140,000. In such a case, you would need to have savings available to cover the remaining 30% (€60,000 in this example) plus all the purchase and mortgage costs.


If you have any doubts on this calculation, please contact us and we can provide a personal calculation according to your personal circumstances.

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