What costs are involved with buying a property in Spain?

The costs of buying a property in Spain will depend mostly on 2 factors:

  • Region of Spain you are purchasing.
  • Type of property you are purchasing (new build or resale).


This is the breakdown of the cost of buying a property in Spain:

  1. Purchase Price.
  2. Resale taxes applicable.
  3. New build taxes applicable.
  4. Solicitors fees.
  5. Notary costs, registration, and admin costs.
  6. Mortgage costs in case you are buying with a mortgage.


Other occasional costs may include property agent costs as in some areas estate agents do charge buyers a fee, as well as any costs that you may incur to obtain any VISAs or residency permits you might need depending on your country of origin.


If you wish to have a full estimation of your purchase and mortgage costs, please contact us and one of our mortgage advisors will send you a personal mortgage calculation.


If you would like to have some examples of costs of purchasing a property in Spain, please check our estimations per region.

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